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Website traffic is crucial to the business. A secure web site ensures the uninterrupted service, protects customers’ privacy and boosts the company reputation. Internet hacking is changing rapidly. The website must be patched regularly to ensure security. Our Security Package provides the security service to monitor, patch and back up your website regularly.
The website ranking is the key to site traffic.  The search engine uses a variety of algorithms to evaluate the website. SEO (search engine optimization) can improve the ranking of the website and increase exposure on the internet. We have been helped our customers to get a higher ranking on the Google search for many years. However, increasing website traffic does not mean making deals. You still need to convert visitors to customers through marketing. We offer the latest marketing tools to help you get deals, increase sales and return rate.
The following packages provide the monthly fee web service, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Premium Web Service

For Serious Entrepreneurs
  • All Services in the Basic service
  • Check and Fix Broken Links
  • Social Media Sites Update
  • Page SEO Analysis
  • On-Demand Backup and Restore
  • Landing Page Design
  • Opt-In Email Form
  • Countdown Campaigns
  • Priority Support