Powerful web design that will out-perform your strongest competitors.

The Internet has become a part of life, how can your website stand out within competitors? According to the research, most users stick around less than 15 seconds on a website. Professional website design not only gives the customer a good first impression but also allows the customer to trust your expertise and business. We have been in the Web Design business for many years. Our expertise can help you build a dedicated web site based on your company culture and products.

We offer the following packages for different needs. All package comes with essential setups to get your website fully functional and running.
  • Personal website
  • Small Business Website
  • Small Business Plus Website
You can also contact us for a custom design if you can`t find the one you need.

Personal website

$699.95 $499.95

Build your reputation

Personal domain settings

Personal mailbox setup


Resume page

Portfolio page

Blog page

Contact page

Social media link

Search engine optimization

Small Business Website

$899.95 $699.95

Suitable for any business

Company domain setup

Company mailbox setup


About page

Services Page

Product Page

News / Blog Page

Contact page

Terms and conditions page

Privacy Policy Page

FAQ page

Search engine optimization

Small Business Plus Website

$1199.95 $999.95

For professional entrepreneurs

All Small Business Website Pages Plus following

Email marketing settings

Social media account settings

HTTPS encrypted website settings

Multi-language settings

Landing page plugin settings

Email list plugin settings

Drag and drop page editor plugin settings

Member plugin settings

Countdown activity plugin settings

Client witness plugin settings

Priority support